UPDATE 10/30 7:32 pm... NOC Knives Left 157 , 118, 93, 54...
Stockpile of Extremely Valuable NOC Knives Found... Hidden In The Boxes Below, in the back of My Warehouse... 
Hi, Lou here, owner of Lone Survivalist,

I have a quick story for you on this Tuesday evening (that will highly benefit a few of you)...

I bought out a Survival Company about a year ago.

I bought out their entire inventory.

That means anything they had left in the warehouse, I own.

It was a good deal for me at the time...

a good deal for them...

and a good deal for all my customers that have purchased discounted survival gear from me in 2019.

But just the other day I found something on a pallet way in the back, THAT BLEW MY MIND, and I haven't said a peep about it till right now...
I found 157 Knives... 
Not just any knives.

Hand crafted, carbon handle, razor sharp NOC KNIVES.

If you're not familiar with the NOC knife, let me tell you about it: 

It's a rare knife, designed by an Ex-CIA officer for a team of the operatives in the CIA called... 

The NOC's.

The NOC's are a team of agents, that travel alone, infiltrate other governments, and have no immunity, imprint or identity if captured.

...think mission impossible characters, they exist, they are NOC's... 

They needed a knife that was unbreakable, reliable, light, extra sharp, and easily concealed.

This is that knife...
Here's what makes the NOC knife one of a kind:
  • CTS STEEL BLADE-​  CTS steel was originally designed for knives to cut through thick, leathery whale skin like butter.  It also has the highest anti-corrosion properties of any knife alloy on the market because Whalers need to use it day-in-and day-out on the salty ocean. Slice an attacker with one quick swoop, or cut para-cord like it's dental floss. 
  • TRU-FIBER CARBON FIBER HANDLES- There's a lot of imitation Carbon Fiber on the market today that is very cheaply made. Real Carbon Fiber is about 5 times as strong as steel, yet weighs about 2/3rds less. This is why the NOC knife weighs in at only 3.7 ounces! Light as a feather but more lethal than any knife on the market. LIGHT, STRONG, AND FAST!
  • RICASSO FINGER NOTCH​- This notch was expertly designed and engineered to make this a truly versatile knife. It allows you to choke up on the blade for precision work. This includes skinning game, shaving, or anything else that requires a more precision feel. You'll have as much control of your knife as a surgeon using a precision scalpel. 
  • WINDSHIELD SHATTERING AND DEFENSE TIP: - Always have this knife on you to make a quick escape form a car accident or fire - the rear striking tip will shatter windshield glass with very little force.  In threatening circumstances, just 1 swift blow with this tool can ensure your safety.
  • FULL TANG FROM TIP-TO-TIP - The entire blade from top-to-bottom is full tang, CTS Steel which makes this knife virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE!
  • Good Enough For The Elite NOC's, Good Enough For YOU!
Virtually Indestructible Blade So Strong, You Can Stand On It!
When the NOC Knife was designed, it had to stand up to the rigorous demands of a CIA operative in battle. 

The rare CTS hardened alloy steel is practically unbreakable, in even the harshest environment. 

Your war-buddies or guys at the local store will be begging you to tell them where you got it. 
"This is a knife that will be passed down to your 
Tip Stays Razor-Sharp, Even After Hammering Into Bedrock!
Of course, we had to put this baby to the same rigorous testing as our other survival products...

When compared to a heavy duty 2 pound blade... the NOC knife out-performed it.

The NOC knife's tip is so sharp that it pierced the same bedrock slab my EDC knife couldn't even make a scratch in. 

Not only will this be one of the lightest knives you ever own... it will probably be the most rugged, durable, and lethally sharp knife you ever hold in your hand. 

That's because the CTS Steel is a marvel of modern knife-making. You've never seen or felt such power, in such a light package as the NOC knife.  
Full-Tang Blade Runs Tip-To-Point
One of the most important characteristics of a knife is it's balance. 

When a knife design is balanced properly, it adds to the structural integrity of the knife. One way this is achieved is through a full-tang design

The design, handle-weight, ricasso notching, spine jimping, rivets, and blade length all need to be considered for weight balance. 

Because the NOC knife was designed by a Master Smith (only 180 in the world), it has a near perfect balance that puts total control of the blade in your hand. 

The moment you pick it up, you'll notice it fits in your hand like you're wearing a glove. Near-perfect ergonomics make this knife every bit of a precision instrument. 

You won't want to put it down! 
Carbon Fiber Handles
I don't know about you... but I don't like carrying heavy knives.

A couple of ounces can change your desire to carry a knife dramatically, even when you don't realize it. 

The NOC knife's Tru-Carbon, Carbon Fiber handle set is made from the same material used in aerospace engineering. 

It's FIVE TIMES as strong as steel, yet weighs about two-thirds less. 

This is what makes the NOC knife one of the lightest, most durable carry-knives on the planet. 

It's so light you'll forget it's even there... but your attacker will know it is, when you have to use it. 
Expertly Located Ricasso Finger Notch
In the picture above, you can see the strategically placed Ricasso finger notch. 

This notch was expertly designed and engineered to make this a truly versatile knife. It allows you to choke up on the blade for precision work and give you the same control as a surgeon!
Top-Blade Spine Jimping
You'll notice the balanced notches in the top of the knife blade. This is called jimping. 

Jimping on a blade is critical when doing precision work such as carving, peeling, and filleting (just to name a few). 

These small notches were carefully thought out by the Master Smith, and could actually save a life.

When you put your thumb on the spine jimping, you get pinpoint accuracy of the blade with unshaken control. 
Diamond Glass-Breaking Pommel
Always have this knife on you to make a quick escape form a car accident or fire - the rear striking tip will shatter windshield glass with ease. 

In addition to using the glass breaker for smashing out windows, you can also use it to stop an attacker... Just imagine the damage this would do to someone’s face.

As you can see, only the finest materials and features are used in the NOC Knife.

After all, it’s not only ex-CIA Officers who rely on this knife.

My friends and family carry the NOC Knife, keep it in their bug-out-bags, and in their glove boxes. So, if they ever find themselves in danger I want them to know they can trust their life with this knife.

And for the NOC Knives that hit only 200 mailboxes across the U.S., let’s see what people have to say…
 Ex-military here, and since receiving it I have put the NOC to some intense tests, and it has survived unscathed. And the versatile sheath is the icing on the cake… The NOC Knife is an amazing instrument.”

~Randy Crofton, Fort Collins, CO
 I tried [the NOC Knife] on an old radial tire I had in the shed, like the demo, and it cut through the sidewall and tread like butter. I was absolutely floored at how well this knife performed. Thanks for a great knife!”

~Chris Eskins, Dayton, OH
 The NOC knife is amazing! True quality and expert craftsmanship put this knife ahead of all the rest in my collection. The injection molded sheath is so cool, I've never seen a sheath with multiple position settings I can't get over the versatility. I couldn't be happier, I'm sure glad I didn't hesitate.”

~Shawn Dixon, Santa Fe, NM
 I have hundreds of knives ranging from a Swiss Army knife to a Buck hunting knife and even a real Gurkha kukri. The NOC knife is the finest that I have ever owned. It is sturdy, light, and the right size for carrying…. A truly great knife that I would recommend to anyone. Everyone that I show it to wants one.”

~Tim Eugley, Fairbanks, AK
 I bought the NOC knife to give to my son, who is a Special Forces Medic. It is everything it was purported to be! I'm amazed at the balance, and the overall quality of the construction…I know my son will be thrilled to receive the NOC knife and will cherish it for a lifetime.”

~Martin Turner, Tampa, FL
Precision Hand-Crafted
Each NOC knife was hand-crafted and assembled.

The process for making each knife is so intense... it was crafted by a Master Smith (Only 180 Master Smith's on the planet). 

He's so sought after for his knife-making skills, that he charges up to $5,000 for just one single knife!

Here's just a glimpse inside the masterful process of individually creating a NOC knife:
If you've never held and felt the power of a custom made knife, you'll immediately understand the difference in value when you hold this.

Hand crafting this NOC knife one-by-one wasn't cheap... it costs about $1,000 for each unit if they were created individually, and it's well worth every penny.

A batch of 500 so when they hit the market they sold at a DISCOUNTED price of $499 each as you can see below (they sold 343 at that $499 price)... 

But because you're part of the Lone Survivalist & Outdoor Contest family... 

I'm going to let you have first dibs on this unique and rare knife stockpile that, quite frankly, fell into my lap... at a DEEP discount.

Unfortunately most of you reading this probably won't have a chance to grab one. 

These are not like crates that I constantly sell out, but easily refill.

This is a 1 time deal, when they are gone, I can not get even 1 more...


So for those that act fast, and actually lock one in on the next page, I'm going to give you the same price I'd sell it to my friends and family for- which is ONLY $99. 

But you have to do me one favor... 

You have to promise that when you grab one of the remaining 157 NOC knives left in existence at the discounted price, you won't re-sell it for the $499 that it sold for.

YOU SHOULD NOT WANT TO - this is a Knife guys knife.  Period.

...You won't find this knife at any of the big-box retailers, and you won't find it in any mom-and-pop knife shop. 

I literally have the 157 NOC knives that are still for sale, and if you do come across someone that has a few of the original 500, you will not pay 1 penny less then $499 per knife. 

If you're OK with that one condition... here's how you can grab your NOC knife at the friends and family price of only $99 today... 
Truth Be Told- The NOC's Weren't The ONLY Thing I Found In The Box...
Talk about hitting the jackpot...

When we found the stockpile of NOC knives, we also found that each one had it's very own matching custom injection-molded sheath, and case!

I have no idea what it would cost to make each one of these custom-fit to every blade, but it can't be cheap. 

One of my guys said we can sell it on top of the discounted price of the knife. 

I said nope... "we're going to include it absolutely FREE."

The custom injection-molded sheath has a super low-profile design that allows you to carry the NOC without drawing any attention to yourself (and without cutting yourself with the razor-sharp CTS steel blade).

Order the NOC Knife today for $99, and I'm putting this sheath and case in your box, absolutely FREE. 
'So If The NOC Knife Is So Valuable, Why Are You Discounting It ?'
Simple.  I bought out this survival company for pennies on the dollar.  That said, I have over 30 different survival tools that I sell, and I know that if I give you something like this that has great value, I'll earn your trust.  Then you'll come back as a customer and you'll tell your friends about us.  My goal is to have you ready for any crisis with the tools & training you need.
And this will be the most valuable Survival Guide you EVER have because...
It's the perfect survivalist melted down into 262 pages of simple directives.
FAIR WARNING:  Because we can never know when a crisis can happen - It's critical you get a copy now.